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XFuukaX: Mommy Has A Surprise

Shot With I-Phone 6. A month or so after you filled mommy's cunt in "Mommy Needs Your Help!" you've caught your Mommy is a really sexy, skimpy piece of lingerie. She surprises you with the news that her plan worked, and she's pregnant! She won't show for quite some time, but she tells you that she's so horny lately, and was hoping to get some from your Dad, but as usual he's as worthless as his cock that couldn't get Mommy pregnant (that idiot thinks he did it!). Mommy needs you to fill her cunt up again, and remember mommy always cums first... all over your fucking cock. She talks dirty to you about how it's going to be as she starts to show and her tits start lactating and that really makes your cock throb inside of her sweet cunt. (there's a pesky red hair on the floor in view in parts of this video, but don't let that distract you from your Mommy's sopping wet baby maker) Features a fat cream-pie from my Snowstrider BadDragon dildo.



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